Our Mission

EtoysORus is a branch of PASCAT, Inc., a U.S. Telecommunication Company since 2010. EtoysORus fulfills its mission by allowing buyers and seller of toys and games to transact business without any commission. It also provide opportunity for exchange or donate unwanted products to variety of donors and seekers. charitable items by donors is a tax-effective way to consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to the needy in poor countries. Since our inception in 2010, we have helped donors fulfill their philanthropic goals and make lasting charitable impacts.

We are proud of our free platform that brings not only buys and sellers together but also fulfill the needs of those unfortunate who cannot afford what the rich consider trash.

Please advertise your product if you want to exchange with like minded people or go to donate page and upload whatever you think will satisfy the thirst of poor and orphan children in your neighborhood or across the globe.