Product Description

Do you have the guts to push your luck?On your turn, roll all six dice and set aside any that score you points:A 5 die for 50 points, a 1 die for 100 points, three of a kind for 200 to 600 points, four of a kind for 1,000, and more…Continue rolling the remaining dice to rack up more points. If you manage to earn points with all six dice, you get to roll them all again to try and earn even MORE points and see how long this lucky streak can go.But be careful!If at any time during your turn none of the dice you’ve rolled can be counted as points – That’s a Farkel! – You lose all the points you’ve earned during that turn and pass the dice on to the next player.The first player to reach 10,000 points wins the game!Fast-paced and fun for the whole family, the Original Pocket Farkel game is an on-the-go mathematical adventure everyone will enjoy.The Original Pocket Farkel

  • Fun and friendly game of rolling the dice and pushing your luck to rack up the most points
  • Encourages math skills, understanding of risk vs. reward
  • A computational adventure for the whole family!
  • Small and compact – perfect for traveling
  • Roll dice and set aside any that win points, roll remaining dice to try for more points
  • If all 6 dice earn points, you get to roll again
  • If none of the dice earn points, you lose all your points for that turn and pass dice to next player
  • First player to rack up 10,000 points wins the game
  • Includes 6 dice packaged in a compact storage canister
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Colors may vary
  • High quality materials – lasting durability, exceptional gameplay