Product Description

Think quick! And choose your words wisely, because fast, chance-driven word conjuring is the name of the game.Pass out the number tokens to decide on the card-reading order. Then go around the room taking turns drawing a card and picking a category.Read your question – name an animal with whiskers – to commence an all-out word-throwing brawl until the right word is said and the reader yells “THAT’S IT!”Bet you never would’ve guessed the answer was “Walrus.”Completely shatter the ice of your next party with That’s It, a fast-paced, laugh-filled game that’s a blast for all wordy brains ten and up!That’s It!

  • A party game of guessing words
  • Encourages quick thinking and more exciting parties
  • The perfect way to break the ice at a party
  • Simple rules – easy play that invites conversations and laughs
  • Guess the right word first to get the card – player with the most cards wins
  • Includes 200 cards, 12 tokens
  • Detailed rules of play included
  • Includes cardboard storage case
  • Made of strong durable materials