Product Description

Entertain your kids for hours! Great questions for young, curious minds that help pass the time quickly. A most-welcomed gift for families on-the-go. Terrific tool for elementary school teachers whether for essay writing prompts or simply breaking the ice at the beginning of the term. Homeschoolers will love the fun, thoughtful questions too! And, here’s a fun way to use them: pop a card in your child’s lunch bag to provide something new and positive to talk about at recess with their friends. Provides good practice for young readers too!

  • would you rather see a movie, a parade, or a magic show
  • what makes you feel better when you’re sick
  • if you wanted to earn $50.00 how would you like to earn the money
  • what’s your favorite board game
  • what object would you like to be able to draw really well
  • if you could be a superhero which special power would you choose to have