Product Description

Start throwing things in the yard… but with this dice game, you can win at 10,000, Snake Eyes, Ship, Captain, Crew, or Whamee!Made entirely of high-quality solid wood and packaged in an extra strong jute fiber drawstring carrying bag, this extra large set of six dice is best enjoyed in its natural habitat: the great outdoors!Check out the laminated rule card to learn how to play four classic dice games.You can have fun playing these four games, or use the six dice for any other dice games you’re fond of!In a world where almost all yard games revolve around the brutish act of throwing things, it’s difficult to find an outdoor game that stimulates the intellect, too!Now all you board-gamers can enjoy playing outside, too! Breathing fresh air into classic games!Snake Eyes Yard Dice

  • Set of six over-sized wooden dice for playing outside
  • Encourages math skills, logic, strategy, cooperative play
  • Enjoy intellectual game-play in an outdoor setting!
  • Dice measure 3.4 inches square
  • Packaged in durable jute fiber drawstring bag for storage
  • Dots printed by wood-burning
  • Includes laminated card printed with rules for 4 games – 10,000, Snake Eyes, Ship, Captain, Crew, or Whamee
  • Dice made entirely of solid wood with natural finish
  • Wipe clean and dry, store indoors
  • Hand made in Minneapolis, MN, USA