Product Description

Who ever said real engineering couldn’t be part of early learning?Using a big and vibrant collection of bulky building parts, kids get to create ten amazing vehicles that each teach another basic concept of engineering – All while following along with the story of two kids on an adventure to the grocery store!But this isn’t just any trip to the supermarket – All along the way, the kids keep running into friends who need help – It’s all up to you to use the power of engineering to save the day!Start up the fun by building a minivan – “My wheels will allow us to roll to the market!”Build a crane to help the building engineer lift the beams to the top of the building – “My mast and pulleys allow me to lift these heavy beams!”Build a forklift to help the pet store owner put all the fallen crates back where they belong – “My forks can lift objects that are too heavy for people to lift!”Build a harvester tractor to help the farmer harvest all of the wheat – “My combine harvester cuts the wheat and separates the grain from the chaff!”Thanks to the easy step-by-step instructions and their own growing engineering skills, kids get to save the day, one problem at a time – And all in time for dinner, too!Get started on a thrilling adventure and show your little builder just how fun engineering can be with the Kids First Level One Automobile Engineer set.Kids First Level 1 – Automobile Engineer

  • Bulky building set for teaching early learners the basics of engineering
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, creativity, critical thinking
  • Kids get to save the day with the awesome power of engineering!
  • Use bulky snap-together parts to build 10 models for helping characters
  • Build a minivan, crane truck, race car, fire truck, forklift, motorcycle, dune buggy, harvester tractor, ice cream truck, school bus
  • Only one model can be built at a time
  • Each model corresponds with a different task in the story
  • Learn about the concept of wheels, pulleys, gears, and more
  • Includes 70 building pieces, durable storage case with snap-shut lid
  • 32-page storybook and illustrated building manual included
  • Wheels each measure 2.75 inches in diameter
  • Reliable Thames and Kosmos design and construction with strong, long-lasting materials