Product Description

Get a head start on becoming the coolest cat in town with your very own, kid-sized acoustic guitar!Everything about this guitar is exactly like a real one – Real metal strings, hollow wood body, wood neck with metal frets, six metal tuning knobs with high-quality plastic grips…The only difference? It’s sized smaller – Just twenty-five inches long – Perfect for kid beginners!Designed with a crowd-pleasing paint job of bright, colorful dots and built strong and durable for an exceptional playing experience, the Confetti Guitar is a first musical adventure worth celebrating.Confetti Guitar

  • Real acoustic guitar sized perfectly for kid beginners
  • Encourages musical learning, logic, creativity, self-expression
  • A first musical adventure worth celebrating!
  • Every part is just like a real guitar – Metal strings, metal tuning knobs, hollow wood body, wood neck with metal frets (12 frets)
  • Measures just 25 inches long – Perfect for kids
  • Materials for learning how to tune and play guitar not included
  • High quality design and materials – Built for lasting durability, exceptional playing experience