Product Description

Kids get excited about music with a beautiful instrument sized just right for them!Beautiful mahogany, a pristine design to admire – Simply, this is one exquisite instrument. But that’s not quite how kids see it.What’s the first thing kids think? – “Wow! A guitar made just right for me!”With a bright and curious mind, a child will eagerly pick up the beautiful, all-wood Ukulele. After just one strum, suddenly they can’t wait to start learning!Plus, the nylon strings prove to be exceptionally easy for little fingers to grasp and strum.Your child will be making music in minutes!Don the lei necklaces and start swaying along. Sweet smiles and happiness abound the moment kids start strumming the 21 inch Wooden Ukulele.

21 inch Wood Ukulele

  • Standard soprano ukulele
  • Kids make music in minutes
  • Improve dexterity, musical interest and abilities, creativity
  • A beautiful introductory instrument – Pretty to look at, even better to play
  • Features all wood ukulele with geared tuners
  • Great sound from nylon strings – Easy for little fingers to control
  • Made from mahogany wood – Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Measures 21 inches long – Standard Ukulele size
  • Durable all wood construction