Product Description

View DetailsThe faster you spin, the faster they speed!The 193 snap-together pieces combine to build an amazing, seemingly impossible 45-foot race track packed with mind-boggling loops, curves, and sections that are totally vertical and even completely upside down.Connect the magnetic race cars onto the magnetic strips built into the tracks and then – Start your engines… It’s time to race!As kids spin the levers of the controllers, the cars race forward in perfect proportion to how fast they spin.Spin faster to race into first place. But beware… Race too fast and you’re sure to go flying off the track!Do you have the skills to stay on track and win first place?Classic race-track excitement becomes incredibly mesmerizing with the amazing Speed Spinners Racetrack.Speed Spinners Racetrack

  • Magnetic race track with uniquely designed controller system
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration
  • 45 feet of track!
  • Track features loops, vertical sections, upside down sections
  • Cars connect to tracks magnetically
  • Spin the levers of the controllers to race the cars forward
  • The faster you spin, the faster the cars race
  • Cars can also race in reverse
  • Includes 193 track and track support pieces, 2 race cars, 2 controllers
  • Controllers each require 2 AAA batteries – Not included
  • Cars recharge using included USB cable
  • High-quality materials and construction – Lasting durability, exceptional racing experience