Product Description

A vibrant lesson in counting, sequencing, and number recognition!Sort the vibrant wooden disks by color and amount while stacking them atop the wooden pegs sized short to tall. Then, arrange the number tiles along the slot in the base with each in front of a stack that matches.Number 1 for one yellow disk, number 2 for two green disks, number 3 for three dark green disks, number 4 for four blue disks…Tactile exploration stacks up into crystal-clear comprehension!Building a strong base for early math learning begins with the vibrant and beautifully crafted Count and Sort Stacking Tower.Count and Sort Stacking Tower

  • Peg base and wooden disks for practicing number and counting skills
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, number learning, counting, memorization skills
  • A brilliant way to build a strong base for early math learning
  • Number tiles fit into slot in the base
  • Slide color-coded disks onto graduated pegs in front of the numbers they add up to
  • Teaches number sequencing, color sequencing, counting, addition, and subtraction all at once
  • Includes 45 color disks, 10 number tiles, peg base
  • Made entirely of strong, sturdy wood for lasting durability, exceptional learning experience