Product Description

Sort, stack, balance, and explore!Sitting stoutly on either side of the teetering wooden platform are two chubby bears made up of colorfully painted rings and a smiling wooden head.Start removing one of them piece by piece and you’ll quickly notice – The other bear begins to slowly descend! Instantly, intrigue has been sparked.What happens when there are two rings on this side and one on the other? What about one bear’s head on one side and three rings on the other? What about a bear minus one ring vs a bear with an extra ring and no head?Little ones can’t help but stack, experiment, and discover again and again!Build a perfect balance between learning and play with the beautifully crafted Balancing Bear Buddies.Balancing Bear Buddies

  • Colorful rings and bear heads kids can stack on either side of a wooden seesaw
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, experimentation, creativity, imaginative play
  • Build a perfect balance between learning and play!
  • Rings are graduated in size for extra experimentation possibilities
  • Stack up different configurations of rings onto the pegs on either side of the seesaw to compare their weights
  • Includes 2 bear heads, 2 large rings, 2 medium rings, 2 small rings, seesaw platform, seesaw base
  • Made of strong, durable materials for exceptional play-and-learn experience