Product Description

Drill your way into hours of creative play!This giant deluxe set offers loads of creative play possibilities all through the power of realistic power tools – Perfect for busy hands.Choose one of the nineteen activity patterns, grab all the screws and bolts you need, and then… Start drilling!Build an apple, a butterfly, a truck, a dog – Each picture comes to life more and more with every bolt you drill into flat, white grid.Flip back and forth between the two different bits – Flat and Philips head – As you drill in all the different bolts.Or you can have loads of fun building with a friend – It’s all up to you!Then, once you finish a picture, set your drill to reverse mode, pull out all the bolts, and start up another picture!Finish all the puzzle patterns? Don’t worry! The drilling fun still doesn’t stop. You can just start inventing your own pictures!Get into creative play that feels real with the Design and Drill Power Tool Workshop.Kids can’t wait to start working just like dad!Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop

  • Set of drills and bolts for creating designs on a grid
  • Encourages fine motor skills, color learning, patterning, logic
  • Children use tools and bolts to explore counting, colors and shapes
  • Recreate the pictures found in the Activity Guide or create original designs
  • Features working power drill, jumbo power screwdriver – 2 can play at once
  • Handy carrying case holds all components in place – Measures 15 x 15 inches
  • Includes 100 regular bolts in 5 assorted colors, 20 fun bolts in 5 shapes and colors, 2 bits (Flat, Phillips), wrench, hand screwdriver, electronic drill and screwdriver, activity board, Activity Guide with 19 patterns, carrying case
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (3 for each power drill) – Not included
  • All components are made of sturdy, wipe-clean plastic