Product Description

Little ones feel just like mom and dad taking care of their own little baby!With her various sensors and three accessories, Lila Cherie actually reacts and responds to your child’s actions, just like a real baby.Press her tummy to hear her heartwarming giggle. Give her the pacifier or bottle and she makes adorable suckling noises. Squeeze her left hand once to hear her babble and coo, twice and her cheeks light up red while she cries loudly.Hurry! – Give her the pacifier or bottle and she’ll stop!If you lie her on her tummy, she’ll cry – But then pick her up and hold her up right in your arms and she’ll really calm down.Sized just right for your child’s arms and designed with a plush body and soft-touch vinyl face, arms, and legs, gently scented with vanilla, it’s difficult for little ones not to fall in love with this cozy cutie.She even closes her eyes for nap time when you put her on her back!Make playtime feel beautifully real with the Lila Cherie 17 inch baby doll.Lila Cherie – 17 inch

  • 17-inch baby doll with amazing, life-like functions
  • Encourages caring skills, empathy, emotional development, imaginative play, role play
  • Pretend play becomes beautifully real!
  • Features 5 functions – Press tummy to hear laughter, give her the pacifier/bottle to hear suckling noises and stop her crying, press left hand once to hear cooing, press again and cheeks light up red while she cries, lie her on her tummy and she cries – hold her upright in your arms to make her stop crying
  • Eyes shut when doll is put down on its back
  • Plush body is cozy to hold
  • Detailed, soft-touch vinyl face, arms, and legs lightly scented with vanilla
  • Dressed in adorable pajamas and a headband
  • Includes baby doll, interactive bottle, bib, interactive pacifier
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries – Not included
  • Clothes can be switched out with other Mon Grand Poupon Corolle clothes – Sold separately
  • High quality materials and construction – Lasting durability, exceptional pretend-play experience