Product Description

Read the question, scan the numbers, and slam the one that’s correct!This unique, electronic game transforms the tried-and-true challenge of flashcards into an intense playtime adventure.There are five games to choose from and four levels of difficulty within each.Hone your number-sequencing skills with Slam it Up. Delve into addition with Sum Slam, subtraction with Subtraction Slam, or basic algebra with the Mystery Number.Or, put your brain to the ultimate test with the Triple Slam where every equation contains three numbers to add/subtract at once!The functionality is simple. Just read the equation in the LCD screen and then slam the paddle showing the correct number displayed in LED.All the while, flashing lights and fun sounds keep kids captivated, encouraging them to think fast and strive for a bigger score.Whether they’re just starting to learn or wanting to hone their current skills, Math Slam is sure to get all young learners racing toward success!Math Slam

  • Electronic game of slamming paddles that contain the correct answers to math equations
  • Encourages quick thinking, fast reflexes, stronger math skills, problem-solving
  • Get your kids racing toward mathematical success!
  • Clear LCD screen makes it easy to quickly read each question
  • Possible answers displayed bright in LED within each colorful paddle
  • 5 math games to choose from – Slam it Up, Sum Slam, Subtraction Slam, Mystery Number, Triple Slam
  • 4 levels of difficulty within each game
  • Flashing lights and fun sounds engage young minds and encourage excitement
  • Solo play or pass-along play
  • Features volume control, headphone jack (headphones not included)
  • Includes one Math Slam electronic game with instructions
  • Requires 3 C batteries – Not included
  • High quality design and materials – Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay