Product Description

Launch into giggling, shouting, outdoor excitement!Measuring a whopping ten feet in diameter, this playtime parachute is nothing but big time fun for hours of active play.Energetic kids grab a hold of the twelve strong handles and immediately begin working and playing together through all kinds of exciting activities.Try the giant mushroom game where everyone lifts the parachute up at once to create a big bulb shape.Create a giant wave by having everyone take turns lifting the parachute quickly. Or, play a game of cat and mouse where a person on top of the parachute must find the person below while everyone shakes their handles.It even comes with sixteen colorful balls for a fun game of popcorn!Toss the balls onto the parachute and have everyone shake their handle up and down as quickly as they can – Watch the balls pop up like popcorn!Packaged in a zip-up bag and built strong for lasting durability, the Super Parachute Party is an outdoor adventure that’s sure to get everyone jumping for joy.Giant Parachute Party

  • Large parachute for cooperative outdoor play
  • Encourages gross motor skills, outdoor exercise, cooperative play
  • Kids work together to move the parachute in all kinds of fun ways
  • Designed with bright, exciting colors
  • 12 handles for kids to grab onto – Kids can also grab onto sides
  • Measures 10 feet in diameter
  • Includes parachute, 16 colorful balls
  • Detailed instructions and activity ideas included
  • Packaged in strong zip-up bag with handles for carrying
  • Designed for outdoor play – Make sure room is big enough before playing indoors
  • Exceptionally strong with high-quality materials for lasting durability