Product Description

It’s a full-on fruit frenzy!Divvy out the cards equally to each player and place the squeaky banana in the middle of the playing area.Taking turns around the table, players each flip the top card from their pile over so everyone can see – Three limes, two bananas, four strawberries, two plumbs…Keep an eye on what’s on the table – As soon as there are five of one fruit showing, either on one card or multiple cards – QUICK! – Bop the banana first to collect all the face-up cards on the table!If you run out of cards AND your face-up cards get collected, you’re out of the game.Count fast, think fast, move fast – Only the quickest player will have what it takes to stay in the longest and collect the most cards!Do you have what it takes to make the ultimate Fruit Punch?Fruit Punch

  • Game of seeing who can count the fruits the quickest
  • Encourages counting skills, quick thinking, fast reflexes
  • Move fast to make the ultimate fruit punch!
  • Take turns flipping over cards from your deck
  • Once there are five of the same fruit showing – First to squeak the banana collects all face-up cards
  • Once you run out of all your cards, you’re out of the game
  • Player to collect the most cards wins the game
  • Includes 56 cards, squeaky banana – Packaged in a sturdy storage box
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional game-play