Product Description

They fly, they bounce, they roll – But, can you get them to hit the target?The game starts with a toss of the target disc – Send it soaring as far as you can! – Then, everyone takes turns tossing their rubber chicken to try and get it to land – and STAY – on the disc.Each toss counts as a point and, depending on which side of the disc is facing up, you could earn a bonus -1 point or a penalty +1 point.The player with the lowest score after nine rounds wins the game!Whether you’re at the beach, in your backyard, in your neighbor’s backyard, at the park, in your living room, tailgating, on vacation, at a family reunion, or anywhere, Flickin Chicken is hilarious fun everyone will enjoy.Flickin Chicken

  • Game of tossing rubber chickens to try and hit a small target
  • Encourages coordination, active play, outdoor play, fun with friends and family
  • Start by tossing the target disc as far as you can
  • Target disc features a -1 bonus spot on one side, +1 penalty spot on the other
  • Take turns tossing your chicken until it lands and stays on the target
  • Each toss counts as a point – Player with the lowest score after 9 rounds wins
  • Includes 4 rubber chickens, target disc, score pad, pencil
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay