Product Description

Open up the classic fun of Mancala to the whole family!Everyone loves playing Mancala, but with only two players able to play at a time, it’s rare that anyone in the family ever actually plays it.That’s all about to change.Unfold this sturdy wood case and what’s revealed is a brilliant new way to play the timeless game of Mancala. The rules are almost exactly like the original, except now the fun gets to to be spread around to more people!Which means… Mancala game night, anyone?Complete with high quality glass playing pieces and detailed instructions for multiple game variations, Four Player Mancala is sure to become a family favorite for generations to come.Deluxe Four Player Mancala

  • Classic game of Mancala redesigned to accommodate up to 4 players
  • Encourages math skills, strategy, planning, logic
  • Welcome timeless fun to family game night
  • On your turn, grab stones from a pit and drop one into each following pit
  • Drop one stone into your “store” whenever you pass it
  • Whoever accumulates the most stones in his or her store at the end of the game wins
  • Features instructions for multiple game variations
  • Includes fold-out game board, bright colored glass stones
  • Wood board is solid, strong, built for lasting durability
  • Board folds in half for easy storage with game pieces inside