Product Description

Try to stack an un-crackable code, then try and crack the most codes!There’s a problem with most family word games: The players who know the most words (parents) usually win. Code Stack aims to solve that problem with a unique problem-solving challenge that everyone in the family will enjoy.Each of the colored tokens represents a handful of letters. Aqua = ABC, red = DEF, orange = GHI…At the beginning of each game, players stack the tokens to spell out a secret word – For example, orange, yellow, and red to spell DOG – Then…Let the fast-paced frenzy of brain-busting fun begin!All at once, everyone races to try and figure out what word each opponent’s stack represents. Whoever can crack the most stacks first wins!Level the family game night playing field with the clever and fascinating game of Code Stack.Code Stack!

  • Game of stacking tiles to create codes then racing to crack the codes
  • Encourgaes basic vocabulary skills, critical-thinking, problem-solving, logic
  • Colored discs each represent another set of letters
  • Stack the discs to build a secret word
  • Players race to figure out what word each opponent’s stack represents
  • First player to crack the most codes wins the game!
  • Features 4 fun ways to play, including solitaire
  • Includes 28 plastic color code discs, 8 code cards
  • Illustrated game rules and instructions included
  • Packaged in a reusable game box
  • High-quality materials – Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay