Product Description

Get ready to shake your tail feathers!In this fast-paced egg scramble, one player fills the chicken booty with eggs and then straps it around their waist before strutting, shaking, and dancing all around the room.Meanwhile, all the other players leap and dive to gather up all the eggs as they’re flung this way and that!Whoever collects the most chicks wins the round and gets to become the dancing chicken next. But don’t go counting all your eggs before they’ve hatched. Some are filled with lizards and some are just plain rotten.Only the happy, healthy chicks will win you points!Speed, luck, and goofy fun combine to create one hilarious playtime adventure with the Chicken Booty Chase game.Chicken Booty Chase

  • Game of racing to collect eggs as they’re flung from the dancing chicken
  • Encourages motor skills, concentration, counting skills, laughter
  • Fast-paced fun that’s sure to get everyone giggling
  • Collect eggs as they’re flung from the chicken booty
  • Player to collect the most chicks wins the round, gets to be dancing chicken next
  • Eggs could be rotten or filled with lizards – Only chicks count as points
  • Includes Chicken Booty with belt, 12 eggs, 4 egg cartons, sheet of 20 tokens (13 chicks, 4 lizards, 3 rotten eggs)
  • Detailed instructions and game rules included
  • Quality materials and construction – Exceptional gameplay