Product Description

Put your brain to the test with this riveting book of illusion confusion and clever conundrums!This super fun, super educational compilation of challenges, lessons, facts, science experiments, and games is sure to keep kids puzzling, laughing, sharing, and discovering for hours on end.Explore the different parts of the brain and what they do. Experience mind-bending optical illusions and then discover how they work.There are activities to try, puzzles to solve, logic problems to work out, and so much more!Fire up your neurons, hang on to your hippocampus, and embark on a rockin’ ride through the twists and turns of the cerebral superhighway with the Brain Gams Big Book of Boredom Busters.Brain Games Big Book of Boredom Busters

  • Book packed with optical illusions, amazing facts, puzzles, and games about the brain
  • Encourages logic, critical thinking, scientific learning, an interest in neurology
  • A thrilling way to learn all about the supercomputer nestled between your ears
  • Features awesome challenges, perplexing puzzles, mind myths busted, hilarious brain breaks
  • Explore optical illusions and discover how they work
  • Features logic puzzles, brain-busting riddles, and more
  • Written by Stephanie Warren Drimmer and Dr. Gareth Moore
  • Published by National Geographic Kids
  • High quality paperback binding