Product Description

Learn to play classic card games with these super-fun animal card decks!Each deck is over-sized for little hands and features fun illustrations of animals. The decks are wipe-clean and are made of durable, extra-thick card stock.Animal RummyThis deck features jungle animals with numbers. Discard part of your hand as a run (so many numbers in a row), or as a set (multiples of the same animal). You can also practice laying off by keeping an eye on what your opponents have laid down, and add to their sets or runs!Old MaidEach of these whimsical cards features an animal all dressed up in career clothes! Pick one card per turn from your opponent’s hand. If it matches one of the cards in your own hand, you can lay them down! But… don’t be caught with the Old Maid at the end!Go FishPlay Go Fish with marine animals! There’s fish (of course!) but you will also be able to collect octopuses and porpoises and sea turtles. Ask your opponent, “Do you have any sea turtles?” And if they do, they must hand over the sea turtle! If they do not have any sea turtles, they will say, “Go Fish!” and you must collect a card from the deck. Collect four of one kind to lay down a set!You can also play Go Fish Memory with this deck!Animal Card Games

  • Classic card game set for Rummy, Old Maid, and Go Fish
  • Encourages interest in game playing, rule following, co-playing
  • Practice matching and collecting pairs and sets of cards!
  • Practice counting to lay down runs of numbers
  • Games: Animal Rummy, Old Maid, Go Fish, Go Fish Memory
  • Wipe cards clean if necessary
  • Includes: 3 over-sized card decks with animal illustrations
  • Recommended for Ages 3+