Product Description

Bust your brain to think fast in five seconds!Name three breeds of dogs! Name three Olympic cities! Name three professional football teams! Name three famous Michaels!Sounds easy, but don’t be fooled. Once the five-second timer’s flipped and all eyes are on you, you just might find your brain isn’t working quite as well as you thought.The player to the left of the player in the hot seat draws a card and reads it aloud – “Name three famous bald people!”Immediately the timer is flipped and the marbles begin racing down the swirling track – You have until the last marble hits the bottom to yell out your answer!”Vin Diesel! Bruce Willis! Godzilla-NO!-John Malkovich!”If you get all three right, you get to keep the card as a point. But, if you run out of time or can only name one or two, the player to your right gets to try to win your point.(This is bad for you because they’ve had more time to think!)After four or five rounds, or however many your group decides, count up all the points to see who won.The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!Full of fast-paced fun, crazy answers, and loads of laughter, 5 Second Rule is sure to be a big hit at your next family game night.5 Second Rule

  • Fast-paced game of naming things from categories
  • Encourages quick thinking, focus, family fun
  • Smiles shine and laughter erupts when quick-thinking goes awry
  • Timer features zoop sound and spinning marbles
  • Keep your card for every question you get right – Cards count as points
  • Player with most points at end of game wins
  • Includes 288 cards with 576 questions, 5 second twisted marble timer
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials for exceptional play experience